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“I have never been a person who liked to exercise. But after having twins in December 2012, my postpartum body literally scared me into the gym. I was overweight, weak and tired. I had dieted in the past with some success but I knew that if I ever wanted to feel good about my body again it was going to take more than diet alone I was going to have to work for it. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin again. But with two babies to care for I don’t have any time to waste so I wanted to find the most efficient plan out there. A friend recommended that I try working out with a personal trainer, she sent me to Brigitt and Matt at Gunelson Fitness and Nutrition.
When we first started working out my goal was to get back to my pre-pregnancy jean size and not hate my body. I never imagined that I would end up blowing that goal out of the water. I am now wearing a smaller size than I wore in High School and am thrilled with what I see in the mirror. And now it’s become a family affair! I work out with my sister. Having a partner helps to keep me accountable and makes the work outs even more fun. Plus it gives me special bonding time with my sis! My husband and brother-in-law have been so inspired by our results that now they are working out with Matt too!”  -Rachel, Minneapolis, MN

“Matt consistently challenged me each time I trained with him. He always came up with creative routines to ensure that all of my muscles were getting the best possible work out. And on top of the awesome work outs, he also gave me tips and advice regarding my diet. Matt is my trusted expert when it comes to fitness and food. The best part is that he is really fun to be around and will joke around while you’re working out so you have fun while you exercise! Thanks Matt!! (:”  -Karla J., Minneapolis, MN

“I have had an incredible experience working with Brigitt.  She is extremely knowledgeable, motivating and passionate.  Her experience combined with her unique approach to overall wellness makes her one of the best personal trainers available.  She also takes a lot of time to understand the individual needs of her clients to tailor a program that can work for anyone.  This shows in the results of each of her clients.  I have tried for years to get motivated and change my lifestyle and really can attribute my transformation and successes to her.  Each session was fun, interesting and tough!  Her knowledge extends beyond exercise and nutrition to many other areas of Mind, Body and Spiritual Wellness.  Seeing such great results and having such a positive atmosphere kept me motivated to continue making changes in other areas of my life.”
-Sneha S., St. Louis Park, MN

When I started training with Brigitt and Matt, I was overweight and scared. I didn’t want to get a gym membership b/c I worried I’d be embarrassed. Their home gym and welcoming demeanor make me feel, for the first time in my life, comfortable working out. Matt and Brigitt are more than great trainers though. They are great people. They were with me through losing over 80lbs, through tears, through triumphs, through personal successes and failures. Every step of the way, they supported me. I began to look to the two of them for comfort.  On days when I normally wouldn’t want to work out, I looked forward to stepping away from all the stresses in my life and working with the two of them. In a year of working together there was never a single time I didn’t walk out feeling better than when I arrived. The energy these two amazing people possess is contagious. If you want to feel better, look better, and become a better version of yourself-on the outside, of course, but also on the inside-Matt and Brigitt are the best in the business. They understand where you’re coming from and they are willing to meet you where you are and challenge you to do things you never thought you could do. When I began with them, I could barely get through a workout without crying or getting light headed. Now, I’m 80lbs lighter and training for my first 5K run! I couldn’t have done it without them!  -Marcy T., Minneapolis, MN

“I have been stuck (on my own) at a (weight loss) plateau for awhile and now Matt has personally designed me a nutrition plan to kick up my metabolism and he tailor made a work out plan to build muscle and loose fat. I love the fact that Matt uses a very holistic approach and uses food to fuel the body. Matt is very uplifting and motivating. If you are looking to get to the next level of fitness or to break a plateau I would highly recommend Matt at Gunelson Fitness & Nutrition!” -Vicky L., Edina, MN

I was one of MATT’s first clients several years ago.  He brought a new outlook on life to me.  I was overweight and in my late 50’s and he worked with me tirelessly to get a handle on my nutrition as he helped me become stronger.  I will forever be grateful for his help.  -Mary M., Eden Prairie, MN

“When I worked with Brigitt, it was a joy to see how she empowered her clients to take charge of their health on all levels-body, mind and spirit.  Brigitt is wise, intuitive and bursting with loving energy.  She can help you transform your health…your life!”    -Marie B., Inver Grove, MN

“It was wonderful having Brigitt as a personal trainer. She was very sensitive to my needs as a woman and was always THERE for me regarding the necessary motivation for continued training, fitness and weight management.  Brigitt understood the multifaceted demands and challenges involved with daily living.  She was willing to work out our appointments in conjunction with my professional and family commitments.  I love Brigitt’s sensitivity, kindness and authenticity.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I was impressed with her training techniques that reflected a great respect and understanding for the care of the bio-mechanics of the human frame.  Thank you Brigitt!”
-Dr. Tina S. Greenberg, Greenberg Chiropractic Care, St. Louis Park, MN

I contacted Brigitt to tone up for my upcoming wedding. Brigitt offered great workouts and motivation! Through my workouts with Brigitt, I have a greater appreciation for the strength and ability of my body. The best compliment I received at my wedding, besides the many you look great, was “wow, look at your awesome arm muscles”.  Brigitt is definitely a trainer I will come back to over the years.  -Michelle B., Minneapolis, MN

Brigitt provides me with excellent knowledge and training at each of my sessions.  I am continually impressed with her level of professionalism and  expertise in her field as I improve my level of fitness.  Best of all, Brigitt helps me stay accountable and pushes me to the next level during my workouts.  Thanks for helping me look and feel so good!!!”  -Crista C., Eden Prairie, MN

“The individual instruction has helped me improve my form and build on my strengths.  Brigitt is eager for her clients to achieve their goals no matter how big or small, and her attitude is very encouraging.”
-Fran W.,  Bloomington, MN

“Brigitt is a fabulous personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable and motivating.  I have worked with other trainers and what makes Brigitt so exceptional is her compassion and understanding of your individual needs and goals.  She keeps each session interesting, efficient and most importantly is extremely passionate about her work and the progress of her clients. Brigitt truly cares about each individual she trains and is superb at creating a work-out program to fit the physical and emotional needs of each client.  Brigitt not only provides a great work-out, but she also welcomes children to her home gym which made working out with a newborn possible for me.  This is a HUGE convenience and is also comforting to know that not only am I in good hands, but my kids are as well.”  -Jenn R.,  Independence, MN

Brigitt helps me believe in myself while I approach my weight loss goals.  She also has helped me recover strength and trust in myself.”  -Emma D.,  Eden Prairie, MN

“I was only 48 years old, but felt like I was 78.  I came home from work every day and lay down for an hour or more because of terrible back pain.  After 3 months with MATT, I lost 40lbs and regained the strength in my back.  It was a miracle!  After 10 years of back pain I was strong again.  MATT modified all the exercises to fit me, not the other way around.  Now I’m full on energy and back to being active and doing the things I love.  It’s great to be healthy again and enjoying life.  Thanks MATT!!!”   -Linda G. St. Louis Park, MN

Brigitt is an ever-inspiring motivator that helped me stay on track toward my fitness goals.  The comfort and security to training in her personal gym gave me the confidence to try harder and stick to the workout.  Brigitt not only knows the personal training side but also got to know me on a personal level to help with what motivated me and what my weaknesses were to help conquer them.  Her individualized workouts were tailored to me and she encouraged me to keep working, lifting more weight and doing one more rep.  Brigitt’s enthusiasm about fitness continues to stay with me.  -Jill P., Minneapolis, MN

“Brigitt is a fabulous person and even more a positive, very motivating coach.  I always felt empowered and encouraged when working out with her.  She helped me become stronger than I ever thought I was and made every session challenging and fun.” -Angie K., Robbinsdale, MN