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Sugar IS a DRUG!

Sugar is a drug and it makes me CRAZY!…I decided to bake some yummy gluten/dairy free chocolate chip cookies tonight…and did I eat ONE or TWO…no, I ate 7 (or more as I lost count)…

…since eating these yummy cookies, which in reality after about 4 I was already feeling SICK (yet I kept shoveling them in my mouth unconsciously), I have now experienced a stomach ache, nausea, irritability, guilt, blood sugar issues, heart palpitations…

…and NOW I feel straight up, HUNG OVER and pissed OFF!

I have NO doubt in my mind that SUGAR is a DRUG…

Ever have one of these episodes?

Take a look at these facts:

  • Sugar produces OPIUM-like effects on the brain.
  • Studies have shown sugar is HIGHLY addictive…studies showed bingeing on, withdrawals from and cravings for sugar and the effects were similar to being addicted to amphetamine, alcohol and nicotine.
  • Prolonged sugar use can lead to obesity and type II diabetes as well as cause a variety of weight-related issues.
  • As with any addiction you need more and more of it to satisfy your cravings.
  • Withdrawal effects of sugar can be very unpleasant, you may experience shakes, tremors, teeth chattering, diarrhea, etc.
  • Other effects of sugar withdrawal can be anxiety, low mood and depression.

An interesting website that has some good information on sugar and its affects on our bodies is:

Check it out and keep out of the sugar jar!

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