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Personalized Nutritional Plan designed with your body type, eating habits, lifestyle and goals in mind. Designed to achieve lasting results regardless if you are using this to build muscle, lose fat, increase bone density or just become healthier.

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Personalized Nutrition Plan Includes

There are three different types of nutrition plans to choose from.

1)      Exact Plan

This plan is for people who do not want to have to think or have any gray areas in their nutrition plan.  A specific plan of what to eat at each meal and when.

2)      Variety Plan

This plan is for people who like some more variety and flexibility in their plan. This plan has categories of healthy foods to choose from. Each meal you will be able to pick from different categories (for example: breakfast a (list of good protein options) & b (list of healthy carbs), lunch category a (list of good protein options) & d (list of healthy carbs))

3)      Macro Plan

This is for a person who likes a lot of variety is on the go a lot and can’t always eat off the list from plan 2.  This plan takes a lot of keeping track of the protein carbs and fat from each meal.  You will learn how to control your diet even when you aren’t in control of it.

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