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Your Gunelson Fitness & Nutrition  Personalized Fitness Plan

Designed with your body type, eating habits, lifestyle and goals in mind.
Adapted to your level of fitness, what equipment you have available to you either in your home or in a gym of your choice.

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Personalized Fitness Plan Includes

Specific workouts by body area (example, upper body, lower body, full body, core, cardio)
Instructions on how to properly execute the workouts
Photos and/or videos where appropriate to help you understand proper form

A schedule of how often and when and to do each workout with a rotation so you don’t get bored and your body continues to improve and respond to the workouts

Doing just the same workout each day eventually becomes ineffective as your body learns to adapt to the routine.  These personalized workouts will challenge you and your body while keeping the workouts fun and engaging.  You will achieve earlier and longer lasting results!

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